The Team

Spread out over 7 U.S. cities, we’re a collective of network architects, strategists, supporters, developers, caffeine connoisseurs, early birds, night owls, musicians, geeks, and overall hard workers.

With such a diverse group of people, from so many different places, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do.

Twelve Years Strong

We kicked this project off back in 2007. Collectively we were known as Mavicor Managed Services and subsequently took on the branding of a recent acquisition in Oppor Co. Our team has accomplished so much, and refined processes again and again. Yet, we feel like we’re just getting started.
Over the years we’ve been fortunate to earn the business of thousands of end-users comprising hundreds of organizations. From little five-person shops to 300 user hospitals, our services are gaining popularity in networks big and small.

Doubling Down On Simple

We’re big believers in the power of keeping it simple. Information technology is one of those industries where things are simple until a service provider makes it complicated. We don’t look upon that practice fondly. At their foundation, good systems are simple and should be kept that way.

In the decades to come, we’ll continue to make big bets on simplicity, clarity, ease-of-use, and honesty. This goes for our products, our communication, and our company.

Geek To The Core

We don’t answer to investors. We don’t play into any overarching organization’s goals. We don’t have an exit strategy.

Oppor runs on one fundamental love: enabling opportunity through technology.

Geeky as it is, that’s what’s fun for us. That’s what we’ll be up to for a good long while.