As Apple devices continue to pop up across all sizes of organizations we recognize that the demand for Mac know-how is growing. Be it questions on iMacs, MacBooks, iPhones, or iPads, our Apple Certified Associates, Support Professionals, and Technical Coordinators are standing by ready to help you make the transition without skipping a beat.

Worldwide PC shipments increased 12% year-on-year in Q4 2012 to reach 134.0 million units, with pads accounting for over a third. Apple continued to lead the PC market, shipping 27.0 million units and taking its share over 20% for the first time. -Canalys 2.6.13



Oppor specializes in integrating Apple technologies into business environments. Companies around the world are discovering that iOS and OS X can be great additions to their computing environments with its ease of use, security and productivity. We work with your company to integrate Macs and iOS devices into your existing infrastructure or help build a brushed aluminum one from the group up.

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Crafted Implementation

While Apple doesn’t strictly focus on the business user from a flexibility or financial perspective, we’ve found that with enough applied experience their devices and software can eventually be molded and shaped to fit well with what you’re doing. Let us know if you see an upcoming fit in your environment as so many others have.