Yesterday, IDC released numbers from the its Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. The personal computer market growth seems a little more positive than some of last years “Death of the PC” headlines seem to indicate. Lenovo, HP, and Dell were responsible for over half everything sold. Notably, Apple laptop and desktop sales grew at a higher rate than any other vendor. Take a look:

Apple 18.9% 5.7m 7.1%
HP 15.1% 15.8m 19.7%
Dell 8.5% 10.8m 13.5%
Lenovo 4.9% 16.0m 19.9%
Acer 3.2% 6.2m 7.7%
Others -20.7% 25.9m 32.2%

This seems to align with what we continue to see in business and healthcare space; Lenovo, HP, and Dell continue to be everywhere while orders for Apple laptops and desktops are becoming more and more common.

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