Google’s Chromebook enterprise and healthcare industry penetration (or lack of) has been fascinating to watch.

A post today on the Official Google Enterprise Blog talks of a highly ambitious Chromebook deployment that they estimate will yield a savings of over 16 million pieces of paper. While that certainly equals a few trees the more interesting statistic gleaned from that number is the amount of A) printing events that might occur and B) time spent dealing with all of those tangible items.

Have a look at this little bit:

Chromebooks have helped us more easily adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by using 3G instead of WiFi. Using WiFi would have required us to audit each of the thousands of networks we would have been operating on. Whereas, since 3G’s built in to each Chromebook and communicates with our cellular carrier, Verizon, directly, we didn’t have an additional local area network we needed to audit, saving us time and resources.

While that seems like an uncommon approach to security and HIPAA compliance we can’t immediately think of a great counterargument. Score one for Chris Behling at Mollen?

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