Clean Computers in Medical Environments

There’s a few reasons why our Encrypted Workstations are in such high demand. In no particular order, they:

  1. solve lots of regulatory compliance issues
  2. are easy to deploy
  3. flex as your needs grow and shrink
  4. are fast and reliable

Let’s talk about that last one: #4. The speed and reliability of our Encrypted Workstations is part magic (the hardware we assemble + our imaging process) and part common sense. Or, as we sometimes call it…

Cutting the Crapware

Oppor favorite pundit Paul Thurrott sums up the 2016 state of the art nicely with his article Crapware Continues to Ruin the Windows Experience.

He’s absolutely right; the use of Windows PC right out of the box is an abysmal experience. It’s slow, geared to coax the user into buying more services and apps, and rife with extraneity. A nice pull quote:

This is all avoidable. All Microsoft and its partners need to do is look beyond the short term and understand that their behavior today is planting the seed of discontent in customer minds. And when it comes time to upgrade that crapware- and advertising-laden OS, they’re going to start looking around.

Fortunately for you and us, we get to bypass this bit of nastiness. We sidestep right around it with a sophisticated deployment process that gears the computer to your needs as a medical facility (availability, integrity, and confidentiality) rather than the desire of PC and software vendors.

Check out the Oppor Encrypted Workstation

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