Medical Records & Billing Systems


Going digital with patient records is an increasingly clear and easy decision. EMR technology has come of age. Choosing the right one for your needs is not as clear of decision. Current practice management system help to optimized your patient schedule and improved your receivables, likewise today’s EMRs promise to automate your clinical workflows. Implementing an EMR can reduce the time spent charting, provide patient with a better experience and help meet regulatory requirements.

Needs Determination and Selection

It is critical to map out your ideal workflow and how you interact with office staff to complete a patient visit. We will aid in the selection process by creating an environment to interact with software vendors to learn new best practices and workflows that could improve the way you work. Based on your initial requirements and those that arise during the selection process, OPPOR will help to prioritize them based on what will provide the most value.

Implementation and Integration

We can come along side the vendor of choice and implement new business and clinical systems or manage the entire process. Integration of business management systems and electronic medical systems is of great benefit. There are advantages to managing clinical and practice management functions in a single system. On the other hand, why throw out what is working well? Many facilities have already made significant investments in their existing practice management systems or third party billing services. Oppor can assist with a simple integration to connect these systems.

Support and Maintenance

Keeping such critical systems available and functioning becomes a much more significant requirement. We know how to support these systems to make sure you are seeing patients not IT issues. As these systems advance, so do the upgrade requirements and demands. We upgrade these systems as they become available to make sure you always have the latest features.

Options Galore

We provide many options from fully hosted systems at our data centers to new local cloud technologies to meet your infrastructure needs. We can help you determine the best infrastructure setup and then implement a cost effective solution to reduce the time it takes to implement your system while maintaining performance, reliability and success.