Encrypted Workstation

$19Per Month
$199 Activation
  • Add encryption to your capable legacy computer
  • Easily add or remove computers
  • Comprehensive monthly reports
  • Irrefutable, audit-ready proof of encryption
$44Per Month
$449 Activation
  • A sleek and tough laptop, fully encrypted
  • Easily add or remove computers
  • Comprehensive monthly reports
  • Irrefutable, audit-ready proof of encryption
  • Includes one laptop computer
  • Infinite warranty coverage

The Oppor Encrypted Workstation is the best way to ensure your proprietary data remains confidential and protected, all while allowing your users to operate from one of the fastest machines on the planet.

The Old Way

The traditional model of buying and maintaining a stable of desktop and laptop computers is quickly losing popularity. Here’s why:

Planned Obsolescence

Companies everywhere are being forced to retire computers for reasons beyond their control. Typically a computer manufacturer will warranty a computer for 3 to 5 years. Businesses prefer these warranties for many reasons, most of which is the notion that many of their computers are important to operations and an “insurance policy” on these components can give a sense of security.

The actual realized impact of these warranties is not quite as positive:

  1. In the event of a warranty-covered hardware issue, businesses are finding that there are significant costs to obtaining service.
    • In many cases it can involve an employee or IT company sitting on the phone for minutes or hours at a time to prove the existence of an issue.
    • Additionally, in some cases, a hardware repair can still mean that the computer must be “rebuilt”. This can take hours to complete and typically means that the new computer looks and behaves much different than the original.
  2. In many cases warranties can’t be extended past five years. How are companies to justify the removal of a working computer simply to comply with a long established vendor policy?

Three Year Lifecycles Aren’t for Everyone

Business-grade computers are trending towards longer lives than they’ve ever had. There’s a few contributing factors here:

  1. The proliferation of web apps: The web browser is playing a much bigger role and much more processing is occurring on the server side.
  2. The speed of hardware: Computer processors and disks continue the unsurprising progress towards better performance.
  3. The hardware is of higher quality: Manufacturers continue to iterate upon ways to make a long lasting equipment.

What We Provide

Via months of R&D we’ve developed a modified desktop and laptop that we’re ready to stand behind 100%. We know our boxes inside and out. We’ve removed the 3rd party from this situation and along with it, any possibility of finger pointing.

By integrating the organization that’s responsible for your computer working well with the organization that’s responsible for getting you a computer, great things have happened.

Why It’s Great

It’s Completely Encrypted

The majority of reported HIPAA breaches in 2013, 2014, and 2015 were rooted in a lack of end user workstation encryption. We not only implement operating system integrated whole-disk encryption, our boxes are smart enough to A) resist tampering and B) phone home with enough detail to build auditor-ready encryption verification.

Our Boxes Are Really, Really Fast

They boot in 11 seconds. We’ll leave it at that.

They Arrive In Less Than 48 Hours

Your future machines are ready for the overnight flight. Gone are days of waiting weeks to receive what you needed.

Scale Up, Scale Down

You can add and remove as many workstations as you need whenever you want. Need 15 just until the end of the year? We can do that.