Building a new ASC requires lots of technology. Oppor assists in choosing the technology, procuring it, and installing it in the new facility. Everything from the EMR to the monitors pulling patient vitals to the network equipment to connect it all can be handled by a single, knowledgeable competent source with years of experience.


Architectural Review

We evaluate the plans to ensure that all needs are met with data, power, and telecom access are right where you need them.

Technology Workflow Design

Building technology that enables your processes and workflow to actually do what you want them to do.

EMR Selection

We help you find the right system.
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Security and Access

Manage all your security access with automated systems and fully integrated card keys that can do everything from opening a door, to logging onto computer systems.

Network and Internet/Phone Connectivity

We help you procure the needed Internet connections, phone lines, and dedicated bandwidth to meet your systems requirements while negotiating great contracts with the carriers on your behalf.