We’ve come to look upon Windows Phone somewhere between something that is neat and something we’re indifferent towards. One of our new favorite sites CITEworld has an extensive look at the latest in the little-mobile-os-that-could. Here’s the gavel statement:

A Windows Phone 8 device is serviceable as a low-end smartphone, for those wanting email, social networking, and instant messaging, with a little gaming and media use thrown in. But it seems a waste to get a device doing only that for a monthly data fee of $30 to $50. The Nokia Lumia 800 series is a decent piece of budget hardware, and the HTC 8X is a credible mainstream device for more demanding users. But both run an operating system that has gone nowhere fast. It’s Window Phone’s third strike. Against iOS and Android, Microsoft continues to strike out.

From: http://www.citeworld.com/mobile/21111/review-strike-3-microsofts-windows-phone

Nice article.

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