Dr. Koriwchak over at wiredemrdoctor.com posted a great article today pertaining to iPads in healthcare from the perspective of a real mobile EMR user.

The Mini is small enough to fit in a white coat pocket… …It is easily and comfortably held by its edge.

Koriwchak points to the iPad mini as a recent game changer due to size. Understandably, the ability to keep patient interaction quality high while holding and sometimes operating a iPad one-handed is of note. Contrast this with a surgeon dragging a mobile computer cart and placing it in the middle of the conversation. As a patient, which surgeon would you rather have explaining your Lumbar Laminectomy?

Koriwchak goes on to mention his following four use cases that bring the value of an iPad in healthcare to a much higher tier:

  1. Interacting with an EMR – either via a remote control app or a native iPad EMR
  2. Voice to text
  3. Conveying information to patient
  4. Exam room searches

From: http://www.wiredemrdoctor.com/2013/08/27/the-doctors-best-use-of-the-tablet/

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