In being either a long time Mac OS X user or a recent Windows refugee, one of the few things you may find frustration with is the ability to quickly move windows and apps around on your display.

There’s a few native options available: the ubiquitous red-yellow-green buttons, the new fullscreen button, the ability to click and drag the title bar, and the painfully inconsistent ability to grab and drag some window borders and corners.

We recommend you ignore all of these.

Two apps comprise a lightning-fast keyboard based solution to commanding your windows around like a pro. The first is an app called Spectacle, an active open source project on Github available at

Download, install, and set your prefs like so:

Spectacle Preferences

Spectacle Preferences

You’re now able to Option+Command+Left and Option+Command+Right your way to bliss.

Part 2 coming soon.

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