Mark Pimperton (@mark_1408) over at TechRepublic has a great walk through on small business challenges with data protection:

On tapes:

Brand new tapes were sometimes unusable; read or write errors could appear after a few weeks, also rendering them useless; even good ones had to be replaced every few months; and a few times a year we’d simply forget to insert them.

On estimating capacity:

Starting from the amount of data you want to back up (taking into account that it’s not possible to exclude folders, only entire volumes), you then have to make an educated guess as to the likely size of the compressed and deduplicated backup data.

On a verdict:

The managed backup service has taken some getting used to, but it is providing all the business benefits we wanted. We’ve yet to test the access to remote VMs in the cloud, but other clients have used this successfully. While not perfect, the technology and the service are improving all the time, and we would definitely not want to go back to the days of tape.

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