Fan favorite Paul Thurrott points out a key fact in an article over at regarding Microsoft’s decision to drop Windows Small Business Server:

It’s not so much that SBS Standard fullfilled any huge customer need: With the world moving to cloud-based services, putting complex on-premises servers—such as Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server—in small businesses was borderline abuse. No, the issue here is that SBS Standard satisfied a very pressing need for Microsoft’s partners, providing them with a base for ongoing customer service, support, and billing.

The takeaway here is that small and medium sized enterprise IT is changing faster than ever. The very real threat to small organizations is that their IT support provider, if ungoverned, can sidle their clients with systems and technology driven more by job security than by strategic business goals or budget.

Join us in welcoming the acceleration of survival of the fittest.

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  • There’s a definite “end of the line” up ahead for folks that are putting in Small Biz server, at least in terms of milking it for support fees.


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