We’ve known for a long time that nurses choose the profession out of a genuine concern for people and a desire to provide care and comfort. Wolf Prairie’s Jeff DeWolf has commented on helpful tips to ensure that technology implementations are supported by this key stakeholder.

Based on a proven research model, he indicates that it is critical to ensure that nurses see, understand, and buy in to the need for the technology in advance of implementation. Nurses need to truly believe that the new technology will not distract them from taking good care of their patients. One key way to do this is focus on the technology’s “ease of use.” If tech is too complex (or even perceived to be) nurses may envision a difficult and time consuming process that increases time away from patients.

Another focus should be on the ways the new technology will ultimately result in better patient care. Nurses can even become change champions if they see clearly how new technology will help them do their jobs or benefit the patients in their care.

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