Microsoft and Google are quickly making the case for why virtually every small and medium enterprise needs to scrap their in-house mail servers, chat servers, file servers, and calendar and contact collaboration systems. The Office365 and Google Apps for Business platforms are no longer an immature also-ran. They’re leading the pack.


System Selection

We evaluate the way your team uses mail, calendars, contacts, and shares files and dig into exactly which of these two platforms will be the best fit.

Custom Solutions

Office365 and Google Apps bring SharePoint, Excel Services, Google Docs, & Google Sites platforms that are ripe for streamlining your processes and keeping things native while avoiding any big ancillary costs. We work with these technologies every day and are great at bending them to your will.


Data Movement & Migration

One of the most arduous components to any system migration is the actual movement of data to a format and location that doesn’t leave users scratching their heads for the following months. We’ve migrated over 10,000 users and can safely say we’ve got it figured out.

Security and Compliance

With great system flexibility and access comes great insecurity. Or, so they say. We implement these solutions with a security best-practice focus and ensure your impacting industry or government regulatory bodies stay happy.