Surgery Center Data Backup

Protecting patient data in a surgery center or surgical hospital is a giant topic. Similar to HIPAA Security (and by no coincidence) it could be viewed as three components: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Let’s keep this digestible and, for a moment, focus on the latter.

Patient Data Availability

In HIPAA Security terms Availability is all about ensuring that patient data is there when you need it. When do you need it? Here’s a couple obvious situations:

1. When you’re delivering patient care
2. When the patient needs their record(s)

Honing in just a bit further, let’s turn our attention to a subset of Availability: [highlight]data backup[/highlight].

surgery center data backup

Surgical Systems Data Landscape

As efficient as it may seem to have surgeons scooting around surgery centers on Segways while tapping out orders in a web browser on an iPad, that’s not today’s reality.

The majority of ASC and surgical hospital billing and EMR systems are built upon standard databases on standard server platforms accessed from standard computers. A couple examples dominating the market today are Amkai Charts / Amkai Office and SourceMedical AdvantX.

The good news here is that this is the exact architecture that the IT industry has decades of experience backing up (and restoring in the event of an issue). In other words, this problem has been approached and conquered more than a few times.

So why do so many small to medium medical facilities struggle to perpetuate regular backups of restorable data?

Check back here next week for Part 2 on ASC and Surgery Center Data Backup

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