IDC has submitted first quarter tablet sales estimates for the big five and there’s some interesting tidbits in year over year changes.

Vendor 2013Q1 Shipped 2013Q1 Share 2012Q1 Shipped 2012Q1 Share Growth
Apple 19.5 39.6% 11.8 58.1% 65.3%
Samsung 8.8 17.9% 2.3 11.3% 282.6%
Asus 2.7 5.5% 0.6 3.1% 350.0%
Amazon 1.8 3.7% 0.7 3.6% 157.1%
Microsoft 0.9 1.8% 0.0 N/A N/A
Others 15.5 31.5% 4.9 24.1% 216.3%

Who Are These People

Samsung sold almost two tablets to every five iPads. When sitting at the airport, coffee shop, or board meeting are you seeing similar usage? Who’s hiding 8 million of these things?

Silent ASUSsin

The often overlooked Nexus 7 was almost solely responsible for one vendor’s 350% growth in sales. This is fairly remarkable considering the relatively brief marketing campaign.

Enter Windows 8

Surface RT and Surface Pro came in just shy of a million units. We’re thinking this will grow significantly, especially amidst rumors of a 7″ model introduction to the line.

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