At first glance the new Tesla Powerwall energy storage for home use is a exciting new technology with a business version and specs to come later.

Unfortunately, after a closer look at the 2.0kW continuous output and 5 amp nominal load the price tag becomes a bit daunting. The business specifications will likely be similar to start, so with install costs, inverters, and transfer switches all adding costs to the base cell these units once in place can become very costly. This is especially true for home users where a typical clothes washer will require 2.3kWh for the 60-90 minutes its running.

For The Business

Use of some type of continuous power protection is typically a must, especially for systems running critical data. For around the same cost of the Tesla 7kWh unit, a 5kVA traditional UPS battery will provide 30 amp of load and roughly 3.6kWh of output.

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