Hardened Cisco Wireless

Cisco’s latest hardened 802.11n access points provide next generation high-performance outdoor wireless network infrastructure.  (more…)

Your Confidential Information

Ever been in Google Chrome / Chromium / Canary and received, incessantly, the following question? (more…)

Tablet Wars Q1 Update

IDC has submitted first quarter tablet sales estimates for the big five and there’s some interesting…

Configure Lync for Mac OS X

If you’re running into issues getting your Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises Lync account to connect…

AdvantX Workstation Settings

In the event of that you receive the AdvantX error: Check workstation settings (more…)

Mavicor LLC Acquires OPPOR, LLC

In February of 2013 Mavicor LLC finalized details to acquire OPPOR, LLC. With the combined resources…

Case Matters in Meditech

Meditech converts most of its variables to upper case. Usernames, departments, other mnemonics are all converted…

AdvantX Unable to Locate Component

The latest installations of AdvantX are missing some files to bring about a successful installation. (more…)

Making Small Business Backup Work

Mark Pimperton (@mark_1408) over at TechRepublic has a great walk through on small business challenges with…

One Gigabit Per Second

Google Fiber’s Kansas City Internet service rollout seems to be having some fits and starts. Today…