Think back to 2001 when digital music had no common infrastructure. A few plastic MP3 players were starting to make some strides amongst people in the know, but mass market appeal was non-existent.

It’s analogous to where we are today; with Fitbits and Fuelbands and Withings scales and pedometers galore all doing a best-effort attempt to marry health and technology in a meaningful way.

With today’s (long-rumored) announcement of the Health app and HealthKit Framework from Apple, we’re about to see that change. We’re going to see the beginning of broad, legitimate change that only comes from massive research, development, and demonstrated execution. and the HealthKit framework allow compatible apps to speak to a central repository of your health information on the iPhone. The growing numbers of sensors and data sources in your life will begin to target discrete pieces of health data to comprise a big picture that we’ve not had access to before.

HealthKit itself, when fully wrangled by advanced EMR vendors a la Amkai, Epic, and McKesson, will open the door to true crossover in personal and clinical data exchange.

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  • This would all probably work if Apple had any history of being open with these platforms. This is the same round of promises they made with facetime. That os still no where.


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